Venture Inwards: The Incredible story of Edgar Cayce Hugh Lynn Cayce

Venture Inwards: The Incredible story of Edgar Cayce Hugh Lynn Cayce

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Venture Inwards: The Incredible story of Edgar Cayce

by Hugh Lynn Cayce

Hugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce, who served his father's Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.), as chairman of the board.

He wrote in the Preface to this 1964 book, “Being the son of a highly publicized American clairvoyant has seemed difficult at times… This book is the story of my experiences… as an intimate observer of day-by-day activity of that surely seemed to be helpful clairvoyance for several thousand people over a period of forty years…I have worked through the years with a number of people who seemed to have a variety of extrasensory experiences. My efforts… have resulted in some unusual experiences…I would like to share these experiences and lay these ideas in front of you. All of my observations are expressed against the background of information which poured through my father’s unconscious mind in daily sessions… Some people who read this book will see it as an attempt to justify the psychic work of my father… A few people may point out that there was no controlled study on which to base statistical data as evidence for extrasensory perceptions. All of these are legitimate questions and points of view, but you must judge for yourself.” 

This book will be of great interest to those studying Edgar Cayce, and metaphysical subjects.
Paperback library Edition, First Printing 1966

Book Condition: Used, Very good: The book does not look new and has been read, but is in a very good condition for its age. There is no obvious damage to the cover or pages. Minimal wear and tear. As seen in pictures. 

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