About Us


Sharing our passion with the public is our service to society. Our main goal is to encourage access to serious literature for all interested readers. We believe that reading is an important component of any spiritual path.

Meditative Books was founded by Prabhuji, H.H. Avadhuta Yogacharya Ramakrishnananda Babaji, whose curiosity for knowledge led him to start collecting books at the age of 7. Out of love for religions, mysticism, and spirituality he made a personal library with more than 800,000 works on these subjects. Today, the Prabhuji Mission is preserving and expanding this rare spiritual books collection. 

Prabhuji's passion for spiritual knowledge led him to open this virtual bookstore. We carefully select serious and responsible books about spirituality, religion and philosophy, many of which are rare and scarce. This makes Meditative Books a great book-hunting destination for Spiritual seekers, collectors and open-minded intellectuals.

All proceeds from the Meditative Books store are going to support the activities of the Prabhuji Mission, which include spiritual books publication and charity projects such as food distribution and toy distribution.