Tattvaloka Magazine Truth Alone Triumphs March 2011

Tattvaloka Magazine Truth Alone Triumphs March 2011

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Tattvaloka Magazine

Tattvãloka is a magazine professionally produced on a par with international publications with a global reach. Published on behalf of a charitable education trust belonging to Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri, the magazine is produced on professional lines with an emphasis on spreading truth and real values of life. 

Each issue is a showcase of Indian culture and wisdom, with articles written in simple style by well-known authors in India and abroad, appealing to modern minds, especially young managers and executives across all functions. We cover articles on subjects like the relevance of Vedanta to modern times, enhancing the quality and customer values based on ethical dealings, managing employee morale, tips to correct decision making etc. We include stories from scriptures that have eternal values, and articles of general interest to families and children based on cultural values. The magazine is receiving wide accolades, and is proving to be a medium that inspires today’s generation. It enjoys a readership of well over 150,000 in India and abroad.

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