Tao: The Three Treasures Vol 4 by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh 1st Edition

Tao: The Three Treasures Vol 4 by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh 1st Edition

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Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol 4

by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

1st Edition 1977 

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Lao Tzu speaks of his "three treasures": Love... Never too much... Never be the first in the world. Osho uses this exquisite text to deliver some of his most potent words on love - not as an emotion but as the subtlest form of energy, the substratum of all energy and the essence of life itself. He also speaks on love in relation to sex, fear, the family, science, art and prayer; the mind as a biocomputer; the difficulty of comprehending the simple; and the problem of identification with the body. A treasure trove of Osho's wisdom.

About Osho, the author:

Osho is a contemporary mystic whose life and teachings have influenced millions of people of all ages, and from all walks of life. His often provocative and challenging teachings generate today more and more interest and his readership is dramatically expanding around the world in more than fifty languages. People can easily recognize the wisdom of his insights, and their relevance to our lives and to the issues we are facing today. The Sunday Times in London named Osho as one of the "1,000 Makers of the 20th Century". He is known around the world for his revolutionary contribution to meditation - the science of inner transformation - with the unique approach of his "OSHO Active Meditations" acknowledging the accelerated pace of contemporary life and bringing meditation into modern life.

First Edition, 1977 
Publisher: Rajneesh Foundation
ISBN 0-88050-153-7 
Number of pages: 404
Hardcover with dust jacket

Book Condition: Used, Very good: The book does not look new, but is in a very good condition for its age. There is no damage to the cover or pages. Dust cover shows signs of wear, but cover and and pages has minimal wear and tear. As seen in pictures. 

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