Tantra: Liberation In The World By Prabhuji This light in oneself Krishnamurti

Tantra: Liberation In The World By Prabhuji This light in oneself Krishnamurti

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1 book by Prabhuji: Brand New, paperback 

Tantra: Liberation in the world 

1 book by J. Krishnamurti

- This Light In Oneself: True Meditation Paperback

1 book by Prabhuji:

- Tantra: Liberation in the world  
Tantra, Liberation in the World takes us back to medieval India, full of spirituality, magic, esotericism, alchemy, and devotion. It guides us through the stages of the Tantric revelation, which shook the established religious order like a powerful earthquake and left its mark on almost all spiritual traditions of the world. Prabhuji provides us with an historical overview and a philosophical outline of Tantra. His intention is not to present academic research, but to describe the context of the revelation and share its essence with spiritual seekers who want to be enriched by its treasures. The Tantric path aspires for harmony between nature and spirit, or Śakti and Śiva. The polarity between them manifests at the macrocosmic and the microcosmic level. Therefore, Tantra invites us to explore the body in order to discover what lies beyond. It tells us that our humanity is not an obstacle to the Divine but a necessary stage in our evolution. Divinity dwells within us and in order to recognize it, we just need to pay attention.
Book Condition:  Brand New, hardcover

1 book by J. Krishnamurti

- This Light in Oneself: True Meditation Paperback
A leading spiritual teacher of the twentieth century presents meditation as a tool for better understanding not just ourselves but the world around us. These selections present the core of Krishnamurti's teaching on meditation, taken from discussions with small groups, as well as from public talks to large audiences. His main theme is the essential need to look inward, to know ourselves, in order really to understand our own—and the world's—conflicts. We are the world, says Krishnamurti, and it is our individual chaos that creates social disorder. He offers timeless insights into the source of true freedom and wisdom.
Book Condition: Used, very good: The book is pre-owned but is in excellent condition. Minimal wear and tear. As seen in pictures.

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