Tai Chi postures and Internal Power Enhancement Taijiquan Shi by Xu Yu-Sheng

Tai Chi postures and Internal Power Enhancement Taijiquan Shi by Xu Yu-Sheng

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Tai-Chi Power Enhancement & Postures
Taijiquan Shi
by Yu-Sheng Xu 

Tai-Chi Postures & Power Enhancement (Taijiquan Shi) Author: Xu Yu-Sheng (1879-1945) ~ Movements Profusely Illustrated & Explained ~ First Published in China in 1921 on traditional Yang family style Taijiquan (Tai-Chi). Book contains: Over 125 old photos and drawings, over 130 pages of highly detailed practice information on each of the 73 postures in the old Yang family Taijiquan (Tai-Chi) form. This translation does not include the historical section in the original text, instead focus is on how to correctly practice each posture, enhancement of qi, philosophical meanings related to specific postures, and explanation of posture application. Grandmaster Fu Zhong-Wen [1903-1994], inheritor of old Yang family style from Grandmaster Yang Cheng-Fu) was among Xu's devoted students in Beijing. Grandmaster Fu provides profound and rarely known explanations taught directly to him by Xu Yu-Sheng. Master Xu was the student of several Yang family elders, learning the oldest practices of the clan. Each posture in the book provides the reader with the following highly detailed information: Explanation of the Name, Special Teaching Notations, Explanation of the Illustrations [Photos], Points of Special Attention & Annotations, Special Review Points, Application Explanation, and Actions Contained within the Posture. This is an absolutely essential book in providing deep insight into the practice of any style of Taijiquan (Tai-Chi) or Chinese martial practice. Rare photos, illustrations, and explanations make this book a true treasure to collect

Book Condition: Very good: The book is pre-owned but is in a very good condition. Minimal wear and tear. As seen in pictures

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