Sri Krishna Karnamritam & Chaitanya Chandramritam Lilasuka & Prabodhananda

Sri Krishna Karnamritam & Chaitanya Chandramritam Lilasuka & Prabodhananda

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 Sri Krishna Karnamritam & Chaitanya Chandramritam

Lilasuka & Prabodhananda

From the account of Sri Sriman Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's preaching tour in South India, we hear that He took away two manuscript-books from there, one being the 5th Chapter of Brahma samhita, a tattwa grantha or treatise on philosophical culture establishing, within a narrow compass, the highest status of Sri Krishna as God supreme, and the other, Sri Krishna Karnamritamm, a Bhajan-grantha briefly containing the essence of the method of serving Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavatam as succinctly as ever, but fully to the point. In the one hundred and twelve shlokas of the Sri Krishna Karnamritamm, as we have got it, Srila Bilvamangala has shown how to Love Sri Krishna in the highest of the five types of attachment, viz. with madhura rati (sweet amorous attachment), God Krishna's most intimate devotees without reservation of anything, body, mind and soul, from Him. This sort of attachment when occurring between human couples is the subject matter of detestation among persons of decent thinking, for it has its origin in mutual gross lust, each partner contacting the other for enjoying carnal pleasure.

The ideal of the sweetest Amorous Love is found among the Gopis (cowherd maids of Sri Vrindavana) who offer themselves up to Lord Sri Krishna for His Pleasure, not for their to the slightest extent; they adorn themselves to please Him who attracts them with the melodious tune of His Divine Flute. The conception of such Love is very high, being quite unusual, nay, supra-human, and as such, it is not accessible to those who are not aspirants after it, practising it, thinking themselves in the innermost corner of their hearts as companion-maids under the Gopis. Sriman Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadeva took upon Himself the demonstration of such devotion by His On conduct in the latter part of His manifested existence in he world, as described in the third part of the Sri Chaitanya charitamrita of Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Gosvami.

Our submission before our readers is that this kind of Love of the Gopis is incomprehensible to us, unless we have been able to purge off our mind of the last inklings of its lustful desire by means of constant contemplation of Transcendental Nature of the Gopis Love in the company of sadhus who mentally practise this Love in the wake of the Gopis and whose minds are ever free from any the least lustful desires. Before reading each shlokas of this book, we should, with a most respectful spirit of deep veneration, mentally invoke the grace of the true Vaishnavas of the Gopis' type for their help enabling us to approach the meaning with a pure mind unvisited by any wrong ideas. The principle is that of divesting ourselves of our enjoyers. We should commence reading each shlokas with a mood the consist service of Sri Krishna without reserving anything for their own comfort; what a brilliant example of the purest and holiest life. May the devout followers of the Gopis give us sufficient strength to understand the nature of their service to God and to acquire competence to assimilate the mead stored up in the melodious verses of Lilashuka Bilvamangala Gosvami. Let there be true peace for all.

Now we propose to concentrate our mind in he Sanskrit Text, its translation in the line of Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur's Bengali rendering and elucidation following, as far as practicable, the commentaries Sri Balabodhini and Sri Sarangarangada of Sri Chaitanya dasa Gosvami and Srila Krishna Dasa Kaviraj Gosvami respectively.

Publication: Sree Gaudiya Math, Madras, India

4th Edition

507 Sri Gaura Era

Book Condition: Very good: The book is pre-owned and does not look new, but is in very good condition. Minimal wear and tear. As seen in the pictures.

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