Spiritual Books Lot of 8 Prabhuji Osho The Shadow of The Whip Kundalini Yoga

Spiritual Books Lot of 8 Prabhuji Osho The Shadow of The Whip Kundalini Yoga

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Spiritual Book Set of 8

2 Books by Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: 

-The Shadow of the Whip: First Edition 1978 Hardcover 

-A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose: First Edition 1978 Hardcover

6 books by Prabhuji: Brand New, paperback 

- Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Love

- Advaita Vedanta Being the Self

- Experimenting with the Truth

- Kundalini Yoga The Power Is In You

- Tantra: Liberation in the world  

- What is, as it is Satsangs with Prabhuji

The condition of the books is different, please read bellow the description of each carefully. Let us know if you have any questions.

2 Books by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh:
-The Shadow of the Whip: First Edition 1978 Hardcover 
Anand means bliss and pragita means a song; a song of bliss. And I would like you to sing, to dance. Create a life around celebration - that should become the most fundamental thing; everything else should be secondary. So whenever anything happens, delight in it, accept it as a gift of God. It is through singing and music and dance that you will grow."
Book Condition: Used, Good:
The book does not look new and has been read but is in good condition for its age. The majority of pages are undamaged except a few pages with tears. There are no missing pages. The dust jacket is not included. As seen in pictures.

-A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose First Edition 1978 Hardcover
Arvesh: "I feel deep gratitude for all that has happened to me since I've been here."
Osho: "I know .... Much will be happening, much more, and gratitude prepares the way. Feel as grateful to existence as possible - for small things, not only for great things ... just for sheer breathing. We don't have any claim on existence, so whatsoever is given is a gift. If it is not given we don't have any court for appeal."
Book Condition: Very good: The book is pre-owned but is in a very good condition for its age. Minimal wear and tear. From SAMBODHI Rajneesh Sanyass Ashram library. Dust Jacket is included, with light signs of wear. As seen in pictures.

6 books by Prabhuji:
-Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Love
Bhakti yoga is the path of the heart that sublimates emotion into devotion. Prabhuji leads us through a devotional evolution that begins with the experience of a personal God and culminates in the unity of the lover and the beloved.
Book Condition: Brand New, paperback

-Advaita Vedanta Being the Self
In this book, Prabhuji presents the principles of Vedanta that will help seekers take their first steps on this path. Rather than offering information, explanations, and answers, he inspires us to inquire, doubt, and investigate our own essence. He tells us that all efforts to achieve enlightenment are superfluous because we already are what we aspire to be.
Book Condition: Brand New, paperback

Experimenting with the Truth
Experimenting with the Truth sheds light on the remarkably rich path Prabhuji has walked throughout his life. In this compilation, he responds to spiritual seekers’ questions. He shares his wisdom and erudition with those who wish to delve deeper into topics such as enlightenment, meditation, devotion, and concentration.
Book Condition: Brand New, paperback

Kundalini Yoga The Power Is In You
Kundalini Yoga: the power is in you offers clear explanations of ancient wisdom. The book clarifies the symptoms and the effects of awakening of kundalini, and offers detailed descriptions of each chakra and their functions. 
Book Condition:  Brand New, paperback

Tantra: Liberation in the world  
Prabhuji provides us with an historical overview and a philosophical outline of Tantra. His intention is not to present academic research, but to describe the context of the revelation and share its essence with spiritual seekers who want to be enriched by its treasures.
Book Condition:  Brand New, paperback

What is, as it is Satsangs with Prabhuji
This compilation offers us the rare opportunity to come in contact with the spontaneous words of an enlightened master. With refreshing insight, Prabhuji reveals a unique message of self-inquiry and evolution. For Prabhuji, yoga is “a path that begins and ends in you, from what you believe yourself to be to what you really are.”
Book Condition:  Brand New, paperback


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