Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling by Ram Chandra Prasad

Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling by Ram Chandra Prasad

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Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling
by Ram Chandra Prasad

One of the purposes of the book is to offer in reasonable compass a brisk, enlightening analysis of the teachings of Rajneesh, one of the greatest living yogis of India. It describes and places in perspective an important figure in India today and shows that while some of his great teachings are essentially the same as those found in Zen Buddhism and Krishnamurti, this 'great fourth-dimensional mystic' goes beyond them in his keen awareness of the new and not-so-new problems of sex and Indian politics. It is obvious from what Dr. Prasad says that Rajneesh holds strong views about sex and freedom, as well as about Mahatma Gandhi, Indian politics, renunciation, and religions. His sermons and discourses illustrate these views and indicate something of the unusual nature of the sage who holds them. Whether you are interested in yoga or tantrism, here is a little volume that threads Indian thoughts and philosophies on a cord of basic continuity. This refreshingly clear arrangement of Rajneesh's teachings also provides the reader with all that is remarkable in Zen and Krishnamurti and gives him insights into the most baffling problems of life and death. The book conveys something of the rich complexity of Rajneesh's interests and character.

Book Condition: Used - Good: Item has cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages or dust cover. Please see the pictures for more details.

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