My Life with Edgar Cayce by David E. Khan

My Life with Edgar Cayce by David E. Khan

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My Life with Edgar Cayce

by David E. Khan

As told to Will Oursler

David Kahn met Edgar Cayce when he (David) was 15 years old. He was introduced to him by a wealthy neighbor who had asked Cayce to come to his home to give a Reading for his ailing wife. For religous reasons, the neighbor could not "consort with spirits" so he asked his neighbor's teen-ager to conduct the reading. This led to a gentlemen's agreement between Kahn and Cayce that Cayce would give him a reading free whenever David wrote or called. The agreement lasted and was well-used for a life-time. Throughout David's military career, through David's marriage to Broadway Performer Lucille Kahn (same last name before they married), and throughout the up's and down's in both of their lives, the physic and the son of the owner of a grocery store chain in Kentucky stood together. David's parents, Sol and Fannie Kahn had nine children, all of whom had Readings. Acquainted with Edgar Cayce from her home in Lexington, Kentucky, Mrs. Kahn, or "Mama Kahn", as Cayce called her, maintained an affectionate and enduring correspondence with Cayce throughout her lifetime.

Book Condition: Used, Good. The book has been read but is in good condition. Dust cover has obvious wear, and noticeable stains at the back, but there is no damage to the cover or pages, and book integrity is intake. No highlights or notes. As seen in pictures.

Printed 1970, USA

Format: Hard Cover

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