Mantra Sadhana by J. L. Gupta

Mantra Sadhana by J. L. Gupta

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Mantra Sadhana


DESCRIPTION: Mantras or the ancient words of wisdom, encapsulate all the power of the cosmos in them. Mantra Sadhana is a dedicated endeavor of the subtle science of sound aimed at activiting the inherent power of mantras. The practice of mantra-japa protects the human race in entirety from all sorts of panics. The present book tries to introduce the aspirant with the mantras which can be practiced for the betterment of life & the liberation of the Jiva. Herein most of the popular mantras of Hindu divinities have been incorporated with ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXT WITH ENGLISH TRANSLITERATION & TRANSLATIONS. Contains MANTRAS for Japa, Pre-Requisites of Mantra Sadhana, The Three Human Bodies, The Cakra Sadhana & Kundalini, Bhuta-Suddhi, Pranayama - Meditation & Japa, Mantras of Lord Narayana, Worshipping with Rituals, Purusasuktam (Mantras from Shukla Yajurveda), Pranava Mantra (Aum), Gayatri Mantra, Siva-Mantras, Hanumat Sadhana, Ganesa Sadhana, Sakti Mantras, Mantras of Goddess Laksmi, Worship of Goddess Saraswati, Mantras of Kali, Mantras of Batuka Bhairava, Mantras for Morning Recitation, Mantras for Worship on Dipawali, Mantras of the Sun God & Nine Planets, Mantras for General Well-being.

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