Ishopanishad by Swami Vidyananda Saraswati

Ishopanishad by Swami Vidyananda Saraswati

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by Swami Vidyananda Saraswati

This commentary of the Ishopanishad is not the product of purely scholarly interest. It has grown out of vital urges and under pressufe of the peculiar situation obtaining today. In our own interest we have to develop a scheme of life which is at once ethical, rational and spiritual. The-present com-mentary of the Ishopanishad offers a faithful interpretation of the text which is not only consistent with the scriptures but also meets the demands of rational thought. Never was the need greater than today to make the people conscious of the teachings of the Upanishads as applied in everyday life. This small treatise is an attempt in that direction. 

About the author:

A scholar and educationist of repute for almost half a century, Swamy Vidyananda Saraswati (formerly known as Principal L. D. Dikshit) has been associated with a number of academic, religious, cultural and social organisations of Panjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal and Uttar Pradesh. He is credited with revival of the sutra-style which combines clarity and conciseness. His books on Philosophy, Vedas, History and Evolution in Sanskrit, Hindi and English have been acclaimed as mon-umental works on the subjects dealt with. Swamy Vidyananda has authored about three dozen books in various languages and on varied subjects. He is recipient of various National and State Awards. 

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