How to be Happy, dammit by Karen Salmansohn

How to be Happy, dammit by Karen Salmansohn

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Guaranteed to perk up even the most cynical spirit, HOW TO BE HAPPY, DAMMIT is the first and only self-help book that merges psychology, biology, eastern and western philosophies, quantum physics, and the Zen of Bazooka Joe. Think love and happiness have passed you by? Think no schmaltzy book can help you capture the life-joy you're looking for? This book is different, promises author Karen Salmansohn. Peek within its colorful, uniquely designed pages, and you really will find pearls of wisdom to help you discover more satisfaction every day. And you'll find no saccharine sweetness here. This book tells it like it is, exploring the ups and downs of life in a straightforward, thought-provoking, and humorous way. HOW TO BE HAPPY, DAMMIT is the self-help book for people who don't buy self-help books. It may not change your life (unless you let it), but it will certainly brighten your day, even if you are a die-hard cynic. Includes 44 life lessons that will save you years of time, effort, and navel-gazing. Inspiring, fanciful graphics and illustrations throughout. Karen Salmansohn's book How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers has sold over 450,000 copies."
Provides a unique look at finding the joy in life with humorous, thought-provoking wisdom, that even a cynic can appreciate.

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About the Author

ISBN - 1587611198
Author - Karen Salmansohn
Number Of Pages - 236 
Format - paperback
Language - English
Publisher -  Celestial Arts
Publication Year

Book condition:

The book does not look new and has been read but is in good condition. Wear on margins, small dent on top of right corner. Sticker on back cover.
Wear marks as seen in pictures.

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