Experimenting with the Truth by Prabhuji New Paperback

Experimenting with the Truth by Prabhuji New Paperback

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Experimenting with the Truth 
By Prabhuji 
Paperback - NEW

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Experimenting with the Truth sheds light on the remarkably rich path Prabhuji has walked throughout his life. In this compilation, he responds to spiritual seekers’ questions. He shares his wisdom and erudition with those who wish to delve deeper into topics such as enlightenment, meditation, devotion, and concentration. Prabhuji does not address the public as a pedagogue but as a traveling companion. He does not teach but encourages and motivates us to undertake our own search. Instead of offering answers, he invites us to make our own observations, inquiries, investigations, and explorations. He presents pearls of wisdom revealed in the sacred scriptures that uncover the one Truth, which is dressed differently by different cultures. 

Prabhuji is a writer, painter, Krishnaite devotee, avadhūta mystic, the creator of Retroprogressive Yoga, and a realized spiritual master. When he was eight years old, he had a mystical experience that motivated his search for the Truth, or the Ultimate Reality. This transformed his life into an authentic inner and outer pilgrimage. He has dedicated more than fifty years to the exploration and practice of different religions, philosophies, paths of liberation, and spiritual disciplines. He has absorbed the teachings of great yogis, pastors, rabbis, monks, gurus, philosophers, sages, and saints whom he personally visited his during years of searching. For Prabhuji, awakening at the level of consciousness, or the transcendence of the egoic phenomenon, is the next step in humanity’s evolution. Prabhuji has chosen to retire from society and lead the life of a hermit. He spends his days in solitude, praying, studying, writing, painting, and meditating in silence and contemplation.

ISBN:  978-1-945894-08-4
LxWxH: 8’’x5’’x0.5’’
Product Weight: 0.43 lb
Country of origin: USA

Brand New, Paperback

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