Choosing A Path by Swami Rama

Choosing A Path by Swami Rama

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Choosing A Path
by Swami Rama

The search for truth alone provides a ray of hope for the individual and for humanity as a whole. We have done so much research on matter, mind, and energy, yet we have not discovered the ways and methods of attaining happiness and loving others selflessly. This book gives a glimpse into the four paths of yoga and clearly expounds upon their fundamental concepts and philosophies.

"This book gives a glimpse and creates a provocative atmosphere for the intelligent and learned so that they will begin studying their inclination to follow a particular path, and so that they don't waste time and energy in the prevailing confusion of our times, but choose a definite path for themselves. The younger generation today is longing to seek something new and fresh, but it is torn by the conflicts created by guilt and fear. With these views in mind and to serve the needs of the aspirants and free-thinkers, I present this book."

Swami Rama, from the Introduction

About the Author:

Sri Swami Rama, the founder of the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, was raised in the Himalayan cave monasteries and ordained a monk in early childhood. He studied Western psychology, philosophy, and medicine in Europe and taught in Japan before coming to the United States in 1969. Here he founded the Himalayan Institute to create a bridge between the ancient teachings of the East and the modern scientific approaches of the West.

Book condition: used, good: The book is used but is in a good condition. Light wear to the cover but no damage to the pages. Spine has a bit of an angle. As seen in pictures. 

Number Of Pages - 200
Format - Paperback
Language - English
Publisher - The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga and Philosophy, 1982


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