Advaita Vedanta: Being the Self by Prabhuji Hardcover NEW

Advaita Vedanta: Being the Self by Prabhuji Hardcover NEW

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Advaita Vedanta: Being the Self 
By Prabhuji
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Brand New, Hardcover. As seen in pictures. 

Advaita Vedanta is Hinduism’s most pristine philosophical pearl. It is reserved for seekers of Truth who want to know their own essence and aspire to liberation, or mokṣa. It suggests following the path of knowledge, called jñāna-yoga, which is more an existential view than a theory, philosophy, doctrine, or deductive logical knowledge. It teaches self-inquiry: “Who am I?” This question is an expression of the highest and noblest rebellion. It restores our dignity and accepts us as the only authority on who we are. Jñāna is knowing ourselves as Brahman and realizing our reality as the transcendental Self, beyond time and space.

In this book, Prabhuji presents the principles of Vedanta that will help seekers take their first steps on this path. Rather than offering information, explanations, and answers, he inspires us to inquire, doubt, and investigate our own essence. He tells us that all efforts to achieve enlightenment are superfluous because we already are what we aspire to be.

Prabhuji is a writer, painter, Krishnaite devotee, avadhūta mystic, the creator of Retroprogressive Yoga, and a realized spiritual master. When he was eight years old, he had a mystical experience that motivated his search for the Truth, or the Ultimate Reality. This transformed his life into an authentic inner and outer pilgrimage. He has dedicated more than fifty years to the exploration and practice of different religions, philosophies, paths of liberation, and spiritual disciplines. He has absorbed the teachings of great yogis, pastors, rabbis, monks, gurus, philosophers, sages, and saints whom he personally visited his during years of searching. For Prabhuji, awakening at the level of consciousness, or the transcendence of the egoic phenomenon, is the next step in humanity’s evolution. Prabhuji has chosen to retire from society and lead the life of a hermit. He spends his days in solitude, praying, studying, writing, painting, and meditating in silence and contemplation.

ISBN: 978-1-945894-34-3
LxWxH: 8.25’’x5.25’’x1’’
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Country of origin: USA

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