The Song of God by Kirtanananda Swami Bhagavad Gita Study Paperback NEW

The Song of God by Kirtanananda Swami Bhagavad Gita Study Paperback NEW

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The Song of God

A Summary Study of Bhagavad-gita As It Is 

Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada

This book is an introduction to Srila Prabhupada commentary to the Bhagavad-gita. 

In The Song Of God the author seeks to help the readers prepare themselves for the study of the ancient text, 

Bhagavad-gita As It Is

The Bhagavad-gita is the main source-book on yoga and a concise summary of India's Vedic wisdom. Yet remarkably, the setting for this best-known classic of spiritual literature is an ancient Indian battlefield.

At the last moment before entering battle, the great warrior Arjuna begins to wonder about the real meaning of his life. Why should he fight against his friends and relatives? Why does he exist? Where is he going after death? In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krsna, Arjuna's friend and spiritual master, brings His disciple from perplexity to spiritual enlightenment. In the course of doing so, Krsna concisely but definitively explains transcendental knowledge; karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, dhyana-yoga, and bhakti-yoga; knowledge of the Absolute; devotional service; the three modes of material nature; the divine and demoniac natures; and much more.

Bhagavad-gita As It Is is the largest-selling, most widely used edition of the Gita in the world.

Book Condition: Brand new: The book is new, unread, and unused. It  was stored in a warehouse for many years and therefore the pages show light signs of yellowing. As seen in pictures.  

First Printing, 1984


304 pages

ISBN: 0-932215-00-9

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