The Art of Living by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

The Art of Living by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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The Art of Living
by Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

How many people can honestly say they are really living? This book gives a glimpse into what it means to live totally and consciously, and how living can become an art. Osho presents and explores five principles: non-violence, non-possessiveness, non-theft, non-desire, and non-awareness. He shows how they can be applied to everyday life by bringing awareness to the simplest of actions and the minutest of details, as well as to the most powerful of human energies, sex. Through directly encountering the depths of the unconscious and aspect of our human nature that we most shy away from, we can rise to the highest peaks of consciousness. Those familiar with the Jaina sages will recognize the five virtues as an echo of their central views. These talks were given in Mumbai at the request of Osho's Jaina friends during the Paryuchan Parva, their main religious fortnight of the year. The commentaries are beautifully illustrated with anecdotes from the lives of many great mystics, including Mahavira, the last Jaina sage. Waring against the pitfalls of trying to imitate them, Osho invites the reader to begin his own, unique inner journey towards the state of ultimate liberation that is the potential of every human being. " Stop worrying about the higher, worry about the lower and go on breaking down your unawareness at esch and every step. From where will you start? You always have to start from where you are, from the level you are at, and the name of that level is the conscious. Start by doing activities at the conscious level with awareness."

About Osho, the author:

Osho is a contemporary mystic whose life and teachings have influenced millions of people of all ages, and from all walks of life. His often provocative and challenging teachings generate today more and more interest and his readership is dramatically expanding around the world in more than fifty languages. People can easily recognize the wisdom of his insights, and their relevance to our lives and to the issues we are facing today. The Sunday Times in London named Osho as one of the "1,000 Makers of the 20th Century". He is known around the world for his revolutionary contribution to meditation - the science of inner transformation - with the unique approach of his "OSHO Active Meditations" acknowledging the accelerated pace of contemporary life and bringing meditation into modern life.

Book Condition: Used - Good: Item may have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages or dust cover. This book has a sticker on the back cover. The spine is showing signs of wear.

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