Escrima By Rene Latosa Video 5 Dos Manos VHS

Escrima By Rene Latosa Video 5 Dos Manos VHS

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By Rene Latosa 
Video 5 Dos Manos 

Latosa Escrima is one of the most popular systems of Filipino Martial Arts, due to its directness and effectiveness in real combat. Granmaster Latosa has spent decades studying and analyzing the different components of FMA and in this video (#5), he reveals the Transitions. This series guides you step by step from the fundamental principles of these specific aspects of the style to the advanced applications in a real encounter. Learn the keys of the Filipino Martial Arts directly from Grandmaster Rene Latosa!

VHS Tape

Tape Condition: Used, Very good: The tape does not look new and has been used but is in a very good condition. There is no obvious damage to the cover or tape. Minimal wear and tear. A sticker at the top of the tape, indicating in handwrite the content of the tape. As seen in pictures. 

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