Blessed days with Osho by Ageh Bharti

Blessed days with Osho by Ageh Bharti

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Blessed days with Osho

By Ageh Bharti

*** Spiritual Book Gift with this order ***

This book of memoirs will be of extraordinary help in understanding the complexities of human nature within and beyond, besides in discovering how the world could turn into a planet of perpetual peace and love. This book allows the reader to avail an opportunity to view Osho from various angles. It would usher most, of the readers in different ways, as experienced in memoirs earlier, titled Love means acceptance, Not only divine but humane too and Why ask me?
It would appeal to the intelligentsia and the layman alike as a great source of intellectual enrichment with the spiritual bliss. Every reader could imbibe much from the rare compendium— so worthy to be read, treasured and gifted by every intellectual, and particularly by Osho lovers and pro - Osho citizens of the world.

Book Condition: Like new: The book is pre-owned but is like new. The book is clean with no defects to the cover or pages. As seen in pictures. 

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